Tony and Susan – Birds of a feather flock together

My brother, Antony (Tony) W. Fowler, was loaned a piece of property by our mother, Angela Houston with the “legal” agreement that he would pay her back in 10 years. When 10 years were up he didn’t think he should have to pay it back. This issue upset “everyone” around while Tony argued and whined about not wanting to give the money back, he didn’t think he should have to.My mother threatened to take him to court and he was forced to pay it back……just another little baby who wants stuff for nothing.

That $51,000.00 would be worth about $200,000.00 to day. That is a sizable gift he got to use for 10 years. cci12016

You molested me Tony, and you know you did.





Tony, is a person who has never, ever, done a nice things for his mother or sister. He has never said a nice thing to us, or probably, about us – ever. What kind of a person is it who never, from the day he was born, wanted to been seen by us, with us or engage is one ounce of affection towards us. He, as far as we were/are concerned, has shown no human kindness or love towards his mother or sister. It is hard for us to believe he could show any sincere and honest affection towards anyone including his wife and children. If you treat your mother and sister like garbage it is not logical.  The only kind of person who is like that is a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. I am not diagnosing him, can’t do that, but I can go from my experience and my mothers. If you don’t treat your mother and sister right who are you going to. Unless of course you want something from them.

I know that you and Susan are buddies now. You probably sit and gossip about me. I know this is the way it has always happened. Time for you to sit down and admit to at least each other that you both molested me. Time to take responsibility for your actions.  BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. You have the same mind set.

I will deal with my father on a different page.



SUSAN STROUD my first cousin. susan-stroud-cousin_20161206_221617

You molested me. You know you did. I want you to know Susan you played a role in destroying my life. There is no excuse for you to not understand the repercussions to such behavior, you now there is. Probably why you disappeared out of my life when I was the most down and is major crisis. You know I was unraveling. You knew you were, in part, responsible.You new you held accountability, didn’t you?


There are so many people I can thank for BEING THERE for me in my difficult times . So many I can’t name them all.

The people who LEFT ME and PUT ME in difficult times where my family such as Tony Fowler (brother) and Bill Fowler (father) Susan Stroud (cousin). PLUS: THE HOUSTON CLAN