The Silver Spoons and the Forgotten Child – MY STATEMENT #4

When you get too mbaby and silver spoonuch you take too much for granted

Further to the devious plot of the HOUSTON CLAN I will continue explaining the selfish, greedy and underhanded actions taken by the adult professional children of Dr. Bob Houston against their father, his wife Angela Houston (my mother) and me.

child 3

To summarize the previous post I will say this……two married elderly people had mirror wills that left everything to the surviving partner; as it should be. Then only after the death of both parents the children of Dr. Bob and the children of Angela would get half each to be disseminated equally to each child on both sides.

A power of attorney was given to Louise Fowler for her mother Angela Houston; sounds right to me. And Angela Houston and Dr. James were power of attorneys for Dr. Bob; don’t see any problems with that. Dr. Bob was not c0-attorney for Angela, along with me, because he was not capable of executing any part of the “Fiduciary obligations”. Angela had taken care of ALL the family household issues and bill paying responsibilities; he had no clue or ability to do what was required. The HOUSTON CLAN, which is the 4 adult professional children and their spouses, did not like this arrangement.  Of course Dr. James’ nose was put out of joint because now he didn’t have complete and total control as he had before. Dr. James had been power of attorney and executor of the will for both our parents; absolute power. He had an agenda before I came along and unwittingly I battered the bee hive. First and foremost they wanted their inheritance right away that seems to be the bottom line. They didn’t want to wait for my mother to die. This plan would have been executed had I not come back into the picture. When this all came down I believe we all thought Dr. Bob would pass first, who knows how long the old girl would live, right. But that would not have mattered had I not come back home to be with my mother in the last years of her life. They seemed to think that was suspicious.  Well it’s perceived as being suspicious when you have an agenda that does not include the supposed evil doer and you want to cover your tracks. 

Lets remember that Mrs. Houston paid off Dr. Bob’s debts incurred educating his 4 children giving them a very privileged life (all their life).  She paid for 3/4 of their expenses for 3/4 of their 34+ years of marriage.  There is more they received in aide so that Dr. James could maintain his elite status living in Oak Bay Victoria.  I will elaborate later. It is also useful to know that I on the other hand left home at not quite 14 years old and virtually out of boarding school and in a new country due to psychological and sexual abuse in the home. I was also brought up in a time where the understanding of a learning disability was not acknowledged or understood. Therefore, I was called stupid, lazy, uncooperative etc etc, affecting my self-esteem and confusing me for most of my life. This innocent, shy, pleaser of a child was now left on the streets of Toronto to fend for herself.

4. Age 11

Age 11/12

NO ONE, ever, came looking for me. NO ONE seemed to care where I was and what I was doing. I wasn’t hiding.  I could have been dead for all they knew. It would appear to me NO ONE gave any thought to how this child was going to survive on the streets at age 13/14 years in a new and strange country. I slept under bridges and bushes while the HOUSTON CLAN lay snuggled up in their beds with a silver spoon hanging out of their mouths. I ask you to please look at my picture and ask yourselves what does a child like this do all alone in the world.  Well, I recall at approximately age 14 going to my father and asking him for some financial help – he said NO; while he lived a very high life style. I guess he didn’t like me saying no to him.  I cried and was panicked and frightened, I was confused, I was alone, therefore, when a young lady asked if I would like to go to an exclusive private men’s club with her,  I went.  Private men’s clubs were not unknown to me because my father used to take me to the private section of the Zanzibar in Toronto at age 12/13. You can figure out the rest.

I tell you this sad story of my life because I will NOT allow the HOUSTON CLAN  to define me.  I will own my own narrative but I will not live with their characterization of who I am.  I say to them HOW DARE YOU, HOW BLOODY DARE YOU! I was the “Forgotten Child” in the family but I was somehow responsible for that and it made me some kind of criminal capable to just about anything according to the HOUSTON CLAN. I guess I hadn’t gone through enough and they though taking a machete to me (figuratively speaking) was required to take me out. What pompous snobs. Being a Doctor or an Inspector does not preclude them from bad behavour. How sad that they don’t know what it means to forgive, to be grateful for what you have, to love someone despite past pains.

My point is that the HOUSTON CLAN did not respect and honour the choices our elderly parents made.  Our parents must have felt that this was a fair and equitable dissemination of their assets upon their death.  The HOUSTON CLAN had no right to question their decisions never mind take action to change their wishes without the knowledge of our parents. SHAME ON YOU ALL! It is a shock to me that there are lawyers such as Michael O’Connor QC and Sarah Klinger who are willing play a role in the annihilation of these two elderly people, and me by NOT providing one shed of evidence to support the HOUSTON CLAN’s accusations.  I suppose it speaks to their integrity or lack thereof.

The quotes I will give you are from court documents and are in bold italics.

“Although the Plaintiff (Angela Houston) and the Deceased (Dr. Bob) agreed to not change their wills and to protect the family unit, the Defendant (Dr. James) James Houston was not satisfied”.

“The Defendant (Dr. James) by his own admission, saw at least three attorneys in a five month period in order to protect his own interests”. I think it is important to understand that Dr. James had “fiduciary obligations” under the Canadian Law; it is my understanding and wholehearted belief he violated these legal obligations but has never been called on it, I wonder why? I will share with you later how he lectured me about “fiduciary obligations” while breaking them himself.  You can decide if you agree.

“What is more, their attitude created conflict with the Plaintiff (Angela – their step-mother)“.

Every time they raised issues about the finances, it was an implicit attack on the Plaintiff (Angela) who took care of the family finances for over 34 years”.  This arrangement was made with the approval, and in fact request, of Dr. Bob for he was not good with handling money and Angela was. Reminding you he was in debt when they married. Also, remember she was clearly savvy enough to have the money to pay (in part) for their education. Also, Angela was of sound mind until a couple of days before her self-imposed death.

“When the Defendant (Dr. James) and his siblings took steps to take care of their father without consulting the Plaintiff, it was an attack on her care-taking abilities”. For their entire marriage Angela took care of her husband with extraordinary devotion and love. We should all be so lucky, I wasn’t. Dr. Bob wanted for nothing thanks to her.

“Shellagh Russell (HOUSTON CLAN member) “SHELLAGH THE PERFECT CARE-GIVER”, the women who did not care-give her own mother, went so far as to say that she thought the Plaintiff (Angela) was not doing a good job.  There was no joint plan, just steps taken to bypass the Plaintiff and treat her as an obstacle to be ignored”.  This certainly did not engender a nice fuzzy feeling for my mother and hurt her terribly.

“The Defendants (HOUSTON CLAN) did not consider what they were doing.  They seemed confident that they were doing the right thing, so that any complaint must be the fault of Louise Fowler”. Couldn’t possibly be the almighty Doctor, or perhaps the Inspector, or the little nurse etc etc……..

“Louise Fowler became the excuse that allowed everything”. What a tactic.  They were so sure of their position that they couldn’t even take responsibility for their own actions they had to blame someone else. 

“It allowed Shellagh Russell to drop by unannounced”. With the attempt to control my mother, Angela.

“It allowed for any disagreements to be someone else’s fault”. Not me! “I’m a doctor you know” as told to me by Dr. James.

“There is no evidence that Louise Fowler did anything untoward or behind the Plaintiff’s back” To-day we can look back in hindsight and it is easy to see now how everything they accused me of, or potentially doing ‘I DID NOT DO’BUT THEY DID!

IF THERE IS ANY EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY, WHERE IS IT? With a cop in the HOUSTON CLAN, Inspector Clarke Russell, how is it possible that he of all people couldn’t find any illegal conduct on my part? Despite the fact they accused me of it many times. Lorene (HOUSTON CLAN) rambled off a whole litany of crimes I have apparently committed. How sad that this mentally ill woman was manipulated by Dr. James. She is lucky that I didn’t sue her for slander.

“The Plaintiff (Angela) gave her daughter a power of attorney similar to the one the Deceased gave the Defendant (Dr. James). That the Plaintiff (Angela) treated her daughter in a manner similar to the way the Deceased (Dr. Bob) treated him (Dr. James) and was quite worrying to the Defendant (Dr. James).

“It allowed for overreaction to the movement of accounts from Fundex to CIBC.” A choice made solely by Angela and Dr. Bob, somehow this must be Louise’s fault. I think Curby Klaibert who was supposed to be financial planner for Dr. Bob and Angela, but really was working for Dr. James undercover, had some invested interest in all this. Only saying, my opinion. More on this issue later and Curby Klaibert and his shenanigans with Dr. James, the puppet master.

“It is to be noted that the larger of the two accounts was moved in kind. In other words, a major fund was not liquidated”.

“Any evidence to the contrary must be regarded only as after the fact rationalization”.

“More so, it was agreed by all that neither the Defendant (Dr James) nor his siblings took any effort to look at the CIBC documents, if they were truly concerned”. 

“The Deceased (Dr. Bob) was mentally competent to the date of his death”. Admitted by Dr. James and clan.

“The Deceased (Dr. Bob) could have severed the tenancy himself, or drafted a new will, but chose not to.”  They certainly harassed him enough. There is no independent proof that the Deceased wanted to change the state of title of the Property”. I witnessed actions taken by Dr. Bob that would strongly indicate he did NOT want to change his will or follow the actions of his children.

“Quite the opposite, both the Defendant James Houston’s letter to David Church (yet another lawyer) and the affidavit filed by Shellagh Russell make the Deceased’s intentions clear: he wanted himself and his wife to live out the rest of their days in peace”. Well these two fragile people most certainly did not have that, thanks to the HOUSTON CLAN. Their father died a confused and emotionally distraught man. It cost Mrs. Houston hundreds of thousands of dollars (in the neighborhood of a million dollars) to get back what belonged to her in the first place; to which she paid for in the most part.   I put that down to (1) abuse of power and elder abuse on the part of the HOUSTON CLAN. (2) Incompetent lawyering on the part of Michael O’Connor who facilitated the HOUSTON CLAN’s devious plot. (3) The 1st lawyer of Dr. Bob and Angela, Jack Adelaar who I have reason to believe was cavorting with the HOUSTON CLAN, to be elaborated later (4) Along with gaps in the law that allowed for further abuse sanctioned by the courts. She lost all the cases taken against the HOUSTON CLAN. You say how could that happen; good question.

“There is no evidence that instructions regarding the severance were ever given to the Defendant James Houston.  There is no documentary evidence of ratification after the severance took place”.

“Further, there is no evidence that the Deceased understood that the severance of the tenancy after his statement on April 1st, 2009 would expose his wife to litigation”. If Dr. Bob did understand what they were saying HE WOULD NEVER EVER HAVE AGREED!  It is shocking to me that they understood their father so little. But then again what is so surprising, everything we see is a reflection of ourselves. We see what we want to see to suit our own agendas. No respect for this great man. Dr. Bob cried one day while I massaged his sore feet. Something Bob never did even in front of the wife he loved so much.  He said to me, “I don’t understand what my children are doing”.

“Shellagh Russell admitted that litigation was never discussed with the Deceased.  However, the potential for litigation was clearly known to the Defendants (HOUSTON CLAN)”.

“It is submitted that James Houston filed the Form A transfer for the purpose of severing the tenancy and enabling himself and his siblings to commence a Wills Variation action; facilitated by the lawyer Michael O’Connor LLP. It is not likely that the Deceased (Dr. Bob) wished his family to enter into litigation.  There was no benefit to the Deceased to have the tenancy severed during his lifetime”.

“Further, a Wills Variation action has been commenced”.

“There is no other purpose or benefit to any other part in severance of the tenancy”. No other benefit for anyone but the rich HOUSTON CLAN and their arrogance and inflated egos.

In later blogs I will tell you –

1. What they have said about me in legal documents.

2. More background on Curby Klaibert, Robb Budd, Michael O’Conner, Jack Adelaar, Inspector Clarke Russell, and Shellagh, Diana and George Shirling, plus Tony and Lorene Houston and Dr. James and Louise Houston (not me).

3. What friends of the HOUSTON CLAN have said about them.

4. What my brother Tony Fowler contributed to this ugly mess.

……and much more