The Silent Hemorrhage of my Soul – MY STATEMENT #3

She died of a broken heart

My mother died on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.  She killed herself. Being witness to my own mothers sad and horrible demise has almost taken me out.

This picture was the last taken on January 31, 2013 and the last day she spoke before she died. 

On that evening as I sat by her bed holding her hand while this fragile and broken-hearted woman started to cry.  She said to me, “Darling, I am so very sorry, it’s all my fault what the HOUSTON’s have done to you”.  I said to her, “No, it’s not your fault it is the HOUSTON’s fault”.

My mother, Angela Houston, wrote a letter and took it to a lawyer named J. Michael Hutchison QC to have it witnessed on February 1, 2010.  I was not aware of this letter until some time later.

This letter was submitted into court. She said in part:

“My late husband would be shocked and deeply hurt if he knew how his four children have attempted to deny their father the right to take care of his wife by having his will honoured. He would not understand his children’s betrayal and attempt to deny me my spousal rights, plus their attempt to destroy my relationship with my daughter Louise Fowler.”

“For a number of years my own daughter and I were estranged from each other.  This unfortunate break-up came to an end when she (Louise Fowler) initiated a reconciliation in approximately 2005 by writing to me, then phoning me.  On or around September 2007 she flew from Vancouver to Victoria where we proceeded to, one step at a time, put the pieces together again.  It is my great joy we have forgiven each other and left the past behind. My late husband supported and encouraged this reconciliation in the only way he could with open arms and a loving heart.”  The HOUSTON CLAN for some reason wanted to believe their father initiated this reconciliation and documented it as such; that is a lie.

“At no time did my daughter Louise bring up the issue of my late husbands and my Wills or Power of Attorney. In approximately January of 2008 I asked Louise if she would be my Power of Attorney and she agreed to this. I subsequently retracted that request and Louise accepted my decision graciously. I consulted with Dr. James Houston regarding this issue as at that time he was my Power of Attorney. After going back and forth two or three times and Dr. James debunked this idea. I took it upon myself to seek out a lawyer and have my daughter named my Power of Attorney.  When I told James he appeared to be very upset and disapproving.” I was in the other room and overheard that in fact he had a hissy fit and stormed out of the condo saying, “Angela I thought you understood that you should not do that.”

“This change to the Power of Attorney set in motion the attempt on the part of all four Houston children to talk their father into changing our Power of Attorney and Wills.” Betraying his wife.

“At no time did my husband and I discuss or agree to changing our wishes as we were satisfied that what we had done was right and proper for both of us and our adult children (ages in their 50’s & 60’s).”

“………..James had severed the joint tenancy on the property without my knowledge and consent. It was only at this time that I reconsidered the carefully laid out plans that were made by my husband and myself and felt then compelled to sever the rights of my step-children to any portion of the estate.”

“My daughter during this time had been of great assistance to my late husband and myself.  At no time did my husband express any distrust in Louise, to the contrary.  Louise has never exercised any undue influence on myself or my husband at any time.  She has been supportive by offering assistance to do what we could no longer do for ourselves. Because the HOUSTON CLAN were not helping them.  However, at no time did she make any decisions on my behalf – that was done ONLY by myself and my husband.  I continue to exercise my autonomy to this day by making all final decisions.”

“It is said by the Houston children that my daughter stole PIN numbers.  She has never been in possession of our PIN numbers and never has she taken, transacted or initiated any financial issues for me.  Just another example of the HOUSTON CLANS accusations without providing any evidence. In other words – a lie!  We have a normal, healthy and loving mother and daughter relationship.”

“I am shocked and dismayed at what James and his siblings have said about my daughter and they are incorrect.”

“The actions of the Houston children, of course, affects my status of sole ownership of my condominium.  This obviously affects my ability to pay for my maintenance in the future.  My two children Tony and Louise do not have the means to financially support me.” Notwithstanding she had her own money, until they took it. And there was no doubt in her mind, or mine, that her son Tony would not contribute anything to his mothers support even though he IS financially well off, thanks to her. More later.

“I write this letter on my own volition and am in no way influenced.”

Signed by Angela Houston and witnessed by J. Michael Hutchison QC

Reason for the estrangement of Angela Houston and Louise Fowler

I have explained to you in my previous blog “The Silver Spoons and the Forgotten Child” some of what happened in my family prior to the meeting and marrying of Angela and Bob Houston. Angela and Bob did not meet until Bob was separated and Angela refused to go out with him until he was divorced, just saying.  Dr. James lied by saying Angela broke their family apart.

My so called family was comprised of my father William (Bill) Arthur Fowler, Angela M. C. Fowler (Houston), my brother Antony (Tony) William Fowler and myself Louise A. Fowler.

My mother, Angela, ever since I can remember was traumatized, overwhelmed and extremely distraught with the verbally abusive, controlling and mean-spirited behavior of my father.  If that wasn’t enough she could not ever get over and move on from the profound hurt she felt vis-a-vis her son Tony.  There was never ever a time when I was with her that I didn’t have to listen to the pain she felt in regards to both.  Later, after she met and married Dr. Bob she closed the door and her eyes to the past abuse of her previous husband, my father. However, she was never able to reconcile the detached and unloving actions of her son.  They were never able to bond and that devastated her especially after I was born and we bonded. She was unable to understand what was going on. The knowledge and understanding of abuse and a child such as Tony was not out there at the time. She was all alone.

I was unable and unequipped to cope with my mother’s trauma for I had my own (PTSD) I asked her many many times to please go and get help because I was unable to do so. I experienced most of what she did with regards to my father and Tony, but more.  I was molested.  I needed to tell my mother that and she was unable to hear me and accept the responsibility for what was being done to her daughter on any level. Tony has never ever said a nice word to either of us or done a nice thing for us – ever.  He seems unemotional and uncaring.

On that last day we spoke to which an estrangement then took place, we had our first real fight.  She was going on about Tony, yet again.  I had run out of support for her in this regard and got angry and told her to be quiet. She slapped me and I slapped her back.  Now this is a slap, not a beating.  Not saying it is right, however, we both participated in this slap on the arm – once.  This poor woman went back to the fold of the HOUSTON CLAN to whom she trusted.  They betrayed her with this by accusing me of beating her.  I DID NOT!!!!!!  Yet another lie.

I have come to understand my mother and forgiveness took place before I reentered her life. And she forgave me.

I believe this is one of the reasons that she said what she did on her death bed. This poor woman looking for love and understanding from the Houston’s was misplaced and unfortunately she had to discover that in the last years of her life.

More on Tony Fowler later.