We have normalized gossip to such an extent in our modern society that people make lots of money by just gossiping. I don’t think for a single minute the HOUSTON CLAN and the FOWLER CLAN would see themselves as being gossips, but they are. Indeed they are. It is their arrogance that will not allow them to see the truth. They too made a lot of money by gossiping and passing it off as truth, giving them access to my mother’s inheritance and spousal right to the estate of her dead husband, their father.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELVES HOUSTON CLAN? The doctor, the cop the nurse and the contractor do you feel satisfied that the END JUSTIFIED THE MEANS? You got what you wanted, NOT WHAT YOUR FATHER WANTED so lets be honest about that now, for once. Lets tell the truth now HOUSTON CLAN your “end game” was about putting my mother and me in our place – behind you. Therefore, it was about CONTROL. You thought, especially Dr. James that things should be done your way, and when my mother decided to separate herself from your control you lashed back with a vengeance. I am right aren’t I?

You don’t like it when the people you shame, humiliate and gossip about fights back either,  do you? No you don’t like it because I am “still” not towing the line. As Inspector Clarke told me 3 times and Dr. James told me twice “I am the head of the family you know”.  Is this how you treat your family? Been there done that. You felt justified with your lies. You are a doctor, you are invincible, you are more important than the rest of us, certainly my mother and me. You expect people to kiss you feet, and they have. Until I came alone. And because I didn’t kiss you feet you took it personally. It wasn’t, initially.  I was there for only one single reason. Have a relationship with my mother, make my mother happy!

Now we all know who you really are. You will do anything to get what you want – evidence or no evidence. Oh, by the way where is the evidence? How come you left the evidence out of the courts? I know why, because you didn’t have any, because your gossip was lies, wasn’t it? But then that is usually the nature of lies. You could not legitimize you gossip with actual evidence but you had three things going for you, lots of money, lots of power, and a gang of cohorts who would say and do whatever you tell them. My perception only of course but then isn’t that what you did to me.

Go to the PAGES at the top called DOCUMENTS – MISCELLANEOUS and you will see what Dr. James Houston says, after the lawyer asked  line 12 “You will agree that your fears about Louise were misplaced?  And after his trying to fudge and avoid Dr. James said, line 23 “I know it now”.  Fear is just another word for “ignorance”. There, Dr. James you allowed your ignorance to do such enormous damage it’s extraordinary to even comprehend. This is why I write this site, to come to some understanding why you would be willing to go as far as you did just because you couldn’t have your way.