A. Louise continued


I learnt a long time ago that without truth you have nothing. Life is not worth living without truth. I live it, I breath it. It has been my life’s journey.

Martin Luther Kind Jr. said: “No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.” I have found my life’s purpose.


I wanted my page to be somewhat of a reflection of “me”. Funny things is, I wouldn’t say I am a flower person…..but I do like speaking in metaphor and analogy. I am dyslexic and I have found it has been helpful for me to paint word pictures. After all I see life in pictures, not words. I am, therefore, a far better communicator verbally opposed to the written word.  I actually feel insecure and like a duck out of water when writing and yet I am driven to do just that.

The HOUSTON CLAN do not define me.  In fact this whole blog is about making that clear. The arrogance of the HOUSTON CLAN was to do that and they did right a narrative that was submitted into a court of law. I take huge umbrage to this act of pure arrogance given that I (we) have rarely spoken never mind have a meaningful conversation, ever. That means in the over 34 years of our parents marriage.

This blog is an “act of taking my power back”.


There are so many people I can thank for BEING THERE for me in my difficult times . So many I can’t name them all.

The people who LEFT ME and PUT ME in difficult times where my family such as Tony Fowler (brother) and Bill Fowler (father) Susan Stroud (cousin). PLUS: THE HOUSTON CLAN