Dr. (Bob) George Frederick Houston, husband of over 34 years to my mother Angela and father to the HOUSTON CLAN was one nasty man.

Dr. Bob Houston_20170108_191749

The HOUSTON CLAN said that Dr.Bob wanted to deprive his wife of her spousal rights and give half the estate of Angela and Dr. Bob to his rich adult children after he died and leave his wife without her spousal rights so his 4 greedy children could have this money for themselves, they didn’t want to have to wait for my mother to die to get their share.

The HOUSTON CLAN maintained that was his wishes despite the fact he left no proof and refused to sign off on their wishes even after they harassed the living life out of him to do that. But they won in a court of law because of who they are – a doctor (Dr. James) a cop (Inspector Clarke) a nurse (Shelagh) were the HOUSTON CLAN members who testified in court. They produced no evidence but their gravitas, power and money gave them a pass. They lied but then who would think they would lie, but lie they did.

But, you win. I have now come to REALIZE and ACCEPT he did. He was one nasty man.

He married my mother in 1976 for her money. The HOUSTON CLAN lied in court by saying my mother married Dr. Bob for his money but we know know from court evidence my mother produced that he was the one that married her for her money.  He had squandered his money away on his ungrateful children and was in the red financially. My mother paid off all his debts. And because he was a stupid man, a doctor, continued to squander his money. He did nothing to save or invest so for the last 3/4 of their marriage after he retired (about 29 years) my mother paid 3/4 of their expenses. Took them on vacations all over the world and lived a very nice life style in the richest area in Victoria Canada.  Thanks to her. He leached off her and took everything from her.

The HOUSTON CLAN lied by saying my mother abused Dr. Bob, no he abused her. We know that now. He took from her and then left her without her spousal rights and a mountain of legal fees that left her broke. Left her daughter me to support her so now I am broke. That is abuse.

The HOUSTON CLAN said my mother took Dr.Bob away from their mother. No that is just one more lie. She did not. He pursued her. He thought he was on to a good deal and he was right in that regard. She paid for most of the bills, did everything to take care of him and give to his ungrateful children. The only thing this man ever did was wash the dishes. What a lazy man he was.

He was one nasty man, how do I know that – he has some very nasty and greedy children.