Doctor “Bob” Houston

I used to call Dr. Bob “Bobby Four Toes”. I called him that because he only had 4 toes on each foot. He giggled like a little boy every time I did that.

I used to go over to Victoria to see and visit with my mother and Bob and while I was there I did all the little things they needing done to keep their lives going because they could not longer do it for themselves. I would also cut Bob’s hair and he and I giggled.

I also used to massage is feet for they were always in discomfort. One day while he sat there, first enjoying the massage and then he started to cry. He said, “I don’t know what my children are doing. What my wife and I do in our will and P/A is not ones business but ours”. He blessed man did not agree to have his children take away his wife’s spousal right. The will left the surviving spouse full possession of all their money and property. His children didn’t want to wait should their father die first, which he did.

They changed the title on their condominium without the knowledge of him (for this was done before he died) and my mother. My mother found out after her husband dies (3 days to be exact.

He was such a wonderful person and I am so sad to say his 4 children and their spouse’s don’t feel the say way. They wanted the courts to believe, and they did, that their father’s wanted them to do this. He was of sound mind until he did. They harassed him enough and he refused to sign anything. But money and power buy anything. His legacy is now that this man had such disrespect for his wife he wanted her to suffer when he died. That’s a very very nasty person who lived as well as he did because of her.

I believe they are wrong, for the record.

If he new what they said about his beloved wife, the woman he adored (everyone new that). They said she “abused him”. That is a blatant and disgusting lie.

They said she stole Dr. Bob away from his 1st wife by my mother. That is a blatant lie.

They said she didn’t take good care of him. That is a blatant lie.

The said my mother married Dr. Bob for what he could give her. That is a blatant lie. We know that know don’t we. She paid for 3/4 of the expenses during their 34+ marriage. If it wasn’t for her the 4 Houston children would have had to support him, so they got off easy.


Funny how they didn’t mention the names of his step-children Louise Fowler and Tony Fowler for over 34 years. I helped take care of Dr. Bob and my his wife (my mother) in the last few years of his life. I loved him and he loved me. No matter what the HOUSTON CLAN says. They don’t want to believe this is true. How childish. But then they are not nice people.

He didn’t pass away in peace. The HOUSTON CLAN hounded him until he took his last breath to change his WILL and put his signature of such documents. He never did. He new that if he did the HOUSTON CLAN would take away the spousal rights of his wife. THE HOUSTON CLAN did that anyway even though he signed nothing saying he wanted this to happen.