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You come into my life, uninvited, you make all kinds of accusations and lies with no interest in the TRUTH. In the over 34 years of our parents marriage we have not had any real conversation, beyond pleasantries, so how could you know the truth. You preferred to make it up, didn’t you?

We have here a Doctor, a cop, a nurse, a contractor and 4 other individuals. My mother’s 4 step-children and their spouses. You took from my mother for over 34 years. Not a word of gratitude ever came out of any of you for that. You, collectively have an extraordinary amount of money. Some of that is thanks to my mother paying off your education that enabled you to have more riches, it wasn’t enough you were raise in a very high life style.  But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? You say you had to do what you did for your father, denying my mother her spousal rights. Why did he write a mirror will with his wife leaving everything to his surviving spouse. And only after they were both dead would any of the children get anything. But the story is, you didn’t want to wait my mother to die, you didn’t have enough money already, is that so? You thought so highly of your father (or so you say) but you painted him as being the kind of man that would take what he did from his wife (she got him out of the red when they married and she paid for 3/4 of the expenses during the over 34 years of their marriage) You said when he died he wanted to leave everything he had to his spoiled rich adult children not to his wife.  vkuiyttWhich technically was hers because she was named the recipient of his will when he died. You didn’t present one shred of evidence proving he had changed his mind, now did you? You said he did, NO HE DIDN’T you are lairs. He didn’t!  He was of sound mind to do that if that is what he wanted to do. You see I had a better opinion of your father. It saddens me that you have destroyed his legacy and reputation. I know he would never have done that and everyone, except his children knew that, didn’t they? He was a much beloved doctor in Victoria by everyone. He was a man of honor unlike how you painted him. And unlike his children. He adored his wife, my mother.  bob-november-6-2007-one

Your father, and my mother’s beloved husband, died in 2009 and because of your greed she was not able to go to his funeral, she was devastated. You humiliated her. She heard how you bad mouthed her at the funeral saying she wasn’t of sound mind, People turned up to check on her, including doctors, and found her to be in complete sound mind.  You eviscerate me as a means to an end (to get HER MONEY), she killed herself in 2013 because of her total and complete helplessness in what you were doing to me (after all she was 92 years old, very vulnerable). You leave me in a puddle. And when I asked you to meet with me earlier in the year because quite frankly I was fighting for my life. What do you do, well Inspector Russell responds and says NO, we don’t want anything more to do with you. You shit all over me, you humiliate and degrade me ghyuithen try to leave me with absolutely nothing and succeeded. You did everything in your power to prevent my mother and I from having a good relationship (which didn’t work) after all the pain the two of us had gone through and then you don’t want to help save my life.

You have the money now don’t you. It cost a lot of money in legal fees but then you all individually and collectively have a great deal of money so what is that to you. It cost my mother over a half million dollars to fight for what was hers to begin with.We can check out what is a matter of public property by going to the courts, or online for that matter, and check out HOUSTON versus HOUSTON Victoria BC Canada.Don’t take my word for it.

In fact no one has to take my word for anything. The courts. Oh that’s right you all made sure I couldn’t go into the courts and testify. You left a very old and fragile lady to be put on the stand for 2 full days in her own defense and expect to know what to say about her step-children and their lies and what they did to her daughter and why you would want to take away her spousal rights to her money. Angela 4 days before she died, last time she stood up

As you live your higher than mighty life styles do you ever think about what happened to my mother? Did you ever think about how it was for her to take 14 days to die after she stopped eating and drinking? And incidentally her doctor said it is unusual for an elderly person to do this with know underlying disease. But I know why she begged to die. Because you forced this fragile woman to take responsibility for something that was not your right to instigate and force.Did you think about how these last days were and how I washed her, and took loving care of her. How I kissed her and talked to her about how she was loved. Dr. James (eldest and lead instigator) as a doctor that specializes in elderly people you would know how this looks. She could no longer talk but the tears still ran down her cheeks. But you were sitting in Oak Bay Victoria in your comfy house without a thought for this woman who gave you so much. Her doctor and lawyer can testify to the emotional pain this woman was in and how close we had become.  Do you ever think about how she and I felt during this terrible time in the last 5 years of my mother sad sad life?

I don’t believe any of you do. But then your are not nice people,

You know you are such ignorant people you either haven’t figured this out or just don’t want to………your father retired about 4 years after our parents married. If they had never met when he retired he would have plummeted into poverty. You would have had to support him for over 30 years because he made no provisions for his retirement. He brought into the house the bare minimum. If it hadn’t been for my mother and her money and all the work she put into the marriage he would have lived in hell. Look at how much money you all saved because of my mother yet you ungrateful little bastards just complained and complained and complained. Oh dear we are not going to get an inheritance maybe we had better use the money we have to fight to get Angela (my mother’s) money before she dies because God forbid if Louise gets it. Tony Fowler got the benefits of my mother’s money and you stupid HOUSTON CLAN but I got nothing. The facts that our parents wrote the will they did was because they were of sound mind, they new what they were doing and had a right to. Had you just shut the f….up we all would have got a reasonable amount. But no you were too greedy. You say you didn’t trust me. No that is a lie. You couldn’t be trusted. That’s how that works. For every finger you point at someone else you have a bunch pointing back at yourself. You were afraid I was going to do what you had planned on doing before I came back on the scene. I unknowingly battered the bee hive. I ruined your already carefully laid out plans for when Dr. Bob died to shove my mother away somewhere (like you did your mother) and take her money (like you did your mother) and buy yourself something nice, right. It panicked you didn’t it Dr. James because you got a deal with your house on Curry Road didn’t you? You know the one, the one that had belonged to our parents. But that wasn’t enough. You went belly up with your so called metaphysical practice (probably because you are not a spiritual person) and low and behold not long after you are living in the most expensive area in Victoria, thanks to my mother.  How did that happen Dr. James. My mother maybe? But that wasn’t enough for you, was it?

You, the rest of the HOUSTON CLAN and Tony Fowler got rich off my mother and had good lives because of my mother but you are responsible for her killing herself because of your nasty greedy selfish ignorant behavior. I am the only one who got NOTHING!

I would also like to bring to your attention HOUSTON CLAN I wrote my mother a letter that told her how hurt I was by her betrayal of me and deserting me. I was hurt that she put so much of herself and money into TONY FOWLER, her son, the man that treated her like a piece of shit and never ever said a nice thing to you her or about her. She also put everything into her husband Dr. Bob and his children and spouses the HOUSTON CLAN and nothing into me NOTHING! The one person, the only person that was ever there for her. Funny how that works. I was the one that defended her against my father. I was the one who listened to her pain vis-a-vs her no good son that gave me nothing but pain. The child that mothered her when I was a child. The child that put herself on the line to defend her against her husband (my father) and her son. The one that was her full time caregiver and nurses her to the moment she died.  Apparently, accounting to court records, you thought I was out of line and that it was an indication of what a terrible person I was. You selfish ignorant people. A doctor (Dr. James Houston) a dumb wife (Louise Houston) a cop (Inspector Clarke Russell) a nurse (Sheilagh Russell/Houston) a contractor (Tony Houston) that ignorant little ? (Lorene Houston) and 2 rich people that I don’t know what they do except sit in judgment of people they know nothing about (Diana Shirling/Houston & George Shirling) all making judgment that destroyed my mother and me, why because they are greedy and ignorant.

My mother was a terrible mother but she didn’t know any better. She was being abused by my father and had a son that was completely and totally non-responsive (in other words a sociopath/pschopath in my opinion) I fought her battle. I loved and took care of her when she was hurting, I listened over and over and over…….about her pain. I was her full-time care-giver in the last few years of her life – wiping her bottom, cleaning up her wet bed etc etc etc and yet you ignorant people judged me to be an evil person. You know why, other than greed of course, because FACTS AND EVIDENCE mean nothing to you. Strange given what you do for a living very strange. We should all be worried about that.