I choose at this time of my life to talk about what has hurt me and how I feel. I have had enough of people making things up. I collectively hold Tony Fowler, Susan Stroud and the entire HOUSTON CLAN responsible for their selfish greedy actions that lead to my mother’s death, and mine should that happen. I am in such distress, and unable to get over the trauma of my mother killing herself. Along with witnessing the extreme distress my mother always felt over her son and the betrayal of the HOUSTON CLAN I will kill myself. I hang by a thin thread. One day, soon, that thread will snap.

They had to lie to get our parents money. Did they need the money, probably not, who knows. I think Dr. James went from broke to a house on curry road. The richest part of town. How did you do that Dr. James. I have a feeling my mother helped, right?

Your father did NOT consent to you changing the title on their property. In fact neither one of them new that you went ahead and did what they did not want done behind their backs.. If your were doing the right thing, why did you hide it from them. Despite the harassing of your father to sign off on “taking his wife’s spousal rights” he died refusing to do it. But you say he wanted that.Strange, he was of sound mind until the end, he could have – but didn’t sign a thing.  He, according to you, wanted to take my mothers money, pay off his bills for supporting his children’s education and live in a life style he would not have had if it was not for her; but no he was the kind of man to do that, eh? So sad to me you were so desperate to destroy my mother and me you were willing to ruin your father’s legacy. So sad.

You are a shameful bunch. Oh, Tony, her beloved son. The one that gave NOTHING and took so much of our lives and her money. You Tony are the source of so much pain. A life time of pain. You are a selfish ignorant man. You broke our mother’s heart. She never ever got over it. You were never ever there for her, shame on you. And lets talk about who paid the price – me. I wonder Tony what you girls must ask about their grandmother and your sister. I am absolutely sure you told those girls I was mentally sick. I am sure you left out CPTSD and where and how that happened. But then you don’t know that do you. Why? Because you were the world worst brother. Never ever did you ask where I was, how I was or tired to see me, help – nothing. Because you were part of the problems, that’s why.

No body can take this much abuse and continue to want to live. I did nothing to any of you – Nothing. In fact you couldn’t even present not one thing in a court of law to prove your case. You used your money and gravitas to get your way. How small you are When I gave you a chance to find out the truth of who I am, you did what – you refused. You didn’t want to know the truth. How Trump like of you.

As long as I can breath I will continue to talk and talk and talk. I was quiet for a good portion of my life and look where that got me. now you cannot stop me.