a LETTER of massive consequences and took the lives of two vulnerable women

When I wrote that letter to my mother so many many years ago. You remember HOUSTON CLAN the one you used against me in a court of law.You didn’t know what it meant and you didn’t care, did you? You couldn’t find anything else to use against me, could you? That is why you didn’t present one shred of evidence in the case of HOUSTON v. HOUSTON. I was a means to and end, I was the fly in the ointment. I battered the bee hive, didn’t I? You planned on taking all my mother’s financial contribution to her marriage to your father all along. You didn’t expect me to arrive on the scene.

You didn’t know me but you judged me. You did everything in your power to eviscerate discredit and humiliate me, didn’t you? Well, I am sure this is a story you can so proudly share with your grandchildren. But you should have SHAME tattood on you face.

I wrote that letter when I was so sad and isolated and afraid to the mother I missed so much. She was unable to read it clearly for she had spent her entire life pretending “I am fine” and “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.” She trusted you, you were all she had. Her son was of no use or meaning to her for she had eventually shut herself down with the hurt she had around him. I was off trying to survive, with no family because I could no longer live with having my boundaries invaded to the degree they were.

I wrote that letter because I new she had given you, the HOUSTON CLAN and her husband, you father so much financially. I new how much she had given Tony, her son. I new I was the only one who had received NOTHING.

…..to be continued

I AM NOT GOING TO SAY ANYMORE. THIS IS ALL ON THE HOUSTON CLAN. You cannot and must not blame my mother and me for that would be to continue the hurt and victimization of us. You, all of you, take the blame. It is on your shoulders. Something you will have to take to your grave and beyond.

My mother and me are and were vulnerable women who did our best and we come back together in love, forgiveness and gratitude – despite you. You are sad people and you need to soul search now and take responsibility for what you have done. You also need to take a very hard look at what harm you did to your father and his legacy.