5 comments on “People are not always what they appear to be

    • The real un-talked about issue is while we hide we destroy ourselves – we implode. I was imploding that is why I started this site and I would bet you did too. You said yesterday you were going about things methodically, best thing you can possibly do. My decision to open up was very deliberate, I was about to kill myself and I refused to leave this world without revealing my truth. My issue about doing this has more to do with my difficulty in expressing myself in the written word. Completely unlike my verbal skills. My verbal skills are very good and has become part of my “mask”. This has been a huge challenge for me, and very scary, but I am nevertheless glad for it and hope you are too.

      • It is very admirable that you starting writing while facing such a scary situation. you were down in the trenches and fought to get out. It truly will destroy a person to keep silent. I did start my blog to break all silences. I started with the abuse and then went on from there to discuss topics that we are often told not to discuss. The biggest challenge for me is to speak it. Writing it was my first step. Setting boundaries and speaking them is the most challenging for me.

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