6 comments on “My Wishes

  1. I read through all of the documents on your blog. Thee wasnt a place to comment so i just wanted to say something here. I am so sorry for the suffering you’ve had intentionally by these people and for all of the loss you’ve endured

    • Thank you for taking that time. I have thousands of pieces of documents and I am not a lawyer and not well educated to decide what I need to put up or not to make my story clear. I will be putting up more before I leave this blog and focus on more diverse things on my google page or a new blog. I guess I wish I new all this stuff about trauma and narcissists etc a lot lot earlier in my life, what a difference that would have made. I am glad you are learning 20 years younger than me and hope for you will be able to find a peaceful place for your heart.

      • You’ve put up enough to make it clear how you suffered at the hands of selfish people. What damage a handful of bad people can do to the innocent !

      • Thank you for telling that. I don’t know whether people get it or not, if my message and story is clear. I am a verbal communicator and know how that all works but writing it all leaves me uncertain. Thanks Bethany.

      • You are a very good writer and have written and put documents that explain it perfectly.i just kept being more and more in shock the more i read. I wanted every step of the way to just yank you out of it so you didnt have to live it anymore, in the midst of such awful people. You deserved a completely different world. And how you cared for your mother until the end… you are a special soul and i hope you dont ever forget that.

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