6 comments on “I shivered in doorways, under bushes and in alleys but could not sleep: I waited to be found but no one came

  1. I would be tired too. This week I built an imaginary wall around myself too see how it felt to feel safe. I realized how utterly exhausted I was from constant hyper vigilance . Praying you sleep in safety.

    • Hello: you have your story to don’t you. Unfortunately this is not a rare one. The “lack” of safety does not seem to go away for me. You are younger than me and my hope for you is that coming to terms with such abuse finds you peace. We can’t erase our history but I believe we can learn to live with it in a healthy way. I am not sure how that looks or feels yet, but I am working on it. Sleep, I hope it come to. Thank you and I am happy to hear from you.

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