4 comments on “Feeding off truama

  1. My grandma was a bit like that. Traumatized, damaged and not the best Mom but a kind soul. My Mom forgave her too and they were very close. We took care of her the last few years of her life when she got Alzheimer’s. My Uncle wanted to stick her in a home but that was so no one would know he had embezzled $80k from her in just over a year. Oops! lol Do they know about your blog??

    • Yes they most definitely do. I wont like or approve this if you don’t want me to. I feel they wanted my mother and me out of the way because I have reason to believe they took a lot of money from these two old people before I even turned up and they were afraid I would find out.

      • Why would I not want u to approve? I believe it. Happened in my family. Then my Uncle actually had the audacity to ask where his share was after she died! I think it happens more than most people would like to believe. But as hard as it was helping take care of her, we had a lot of joy n laughter too. She was such a character lol.

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