10 comments on “Robin Williams Melancholy Suicide–Hopelessness, Helplessness, and DefeatWi

    • Hi I have no idea why I can’t find them. You must be sending them to the wrong place 🙂 he he. my hangout is right there. Right now I have two messages on it, but not yours – why oh why 🙂
      Incidentally Candice if you ever decide you want to put some of your poems on my site to give me a bit of a break on the week-ends sometimes I am offering to those in the arts a space to show the people who come to my site what you can do. It promotes you and also it uplifts my site. think on it.
      You a dear person to keep on trying and I appreciate you a lot.

      • That’s so funny! What of it IS someone else?? But how? I will try again. That made me laugh though.

      • No I sure it’s my screw up because at first I did everything to keep people out. Now I feel more, cautiously, secure or tougher not sure which. Maybe because you are not a follower, I don’t know, Not saying you need to be though. Am I looking for “the featheredsleep” or Candice?

      • Can’t blame you after everything you’ve been thru. It didn’t come up w Vancouver at the end just when I did your name. Try looking me up it’s under albinostarlight@ gmail.com see if that works?

      • this is becoming funny and confusing I don’t know. I am just about to change the picture up the top which I do daily and more. to SNIPPETS & TIDBITS.

      • You are so patient with me. I just did a sweep of everything I can see on my google page. I have not looked at everything but I still can’t see you. I want to see your messages damn it.

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