7 comments on “I AM! part 2

  1. Anyone fighting the good fight though they wish with all of their being they did not have to fight at all, anyone facing this daily and allowing themselves to truly care, which is tare, will feel, inevitably, a fatigue, a tiredness deep and defeating. This is proof of life, and proof tomorrow it begins again, and you, you have chosen the side of light and you will never, as a result, be truly lost.

    • You have such a gift for words, I love. it. Incidentally I can’t find you message on google+ albeit I have not really acquainted myself with all aspects of this site. In the beginning I had a couple of conversations with men who then asked me for money so I reconfigured stuff and may have disconnected things that I would like. I will have to go back over it. You are such a dear person. Your words give me such courage and Insight.

      • It’s easy for me as it was part of my google on my phone, the google plus is red, hangouts is green. But that may be different on other phones. The good thing about google plus hangouts is you can write privately one on one sort of like texting so I use that as my IM. But if it doesn’t work I can find you another way lmk. Thank you so much for what you said. I try hard, maybe that’s wrong, I don’t try, but something in me does. I hope we get to be in touch but meanwhile I thank you for reading. Xx

  2. Let’s not forget, many who inhabit this earth, know themselves not at all. That you do, is wonder and good, it is essential and often neglected.

  3. “against all odds I stay in the vicinity of my desire, and rally, once again anew…”

    I am enjoying this, thoroughly. You’ve gone through so much, and not only have you been able to take your energy and experiences and use them to inform, teach, and articulate your story and pain, but you’ve also been able to share a creative side. You’re so admirable and resilient, and I admire that. 🙂

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