20 comments on “Louise – WHO I AM?

  1. You don’t know how to write a poem? Well if you don’t, then the rest of us, including the ones who think they do know how to write a poem… Ought to jump in the river, because if you, with this beautiful POEM of yours, do not know…… Well who on earth does?
    It’s fair to say I adore this. It says everything and it is so well written, a dream of us all, to write one good piece, a tenth of this.
    You’re some lady, that has such talent without knowing she is even writing it.

    • That’s so nice for you to say. I have been nervous about posting it. I wrote it so quickly and out of no where so I didn’t want to even try to correct it. Part 2 is very complex but now you have given me the courage to post that one too.

      • Heck, if you are nervous, be nervous no more. I’d not wax lyrical about this if it were not true and worthy of that and more. It’s infrequent I really love a poem, and it’s funny your unofficial first poem should be so superb ( though I’d dispute it a little, I think much of your thoughts are echoed in poetry not just prose, my favorite combination. Much like the novel As I Sat Down At Grand Central Station and Wept, by Elizabeth Smart, not the kidnapped girl but an earlier author).

      • Should have it in the library, I recall Canadian libraries are very good.

    • Hi dear girl, hope all is well and you are moving forward with your project. This 2 part poem is the only poems I have ever written. It was so weird because I woke up one day and it just popped out. I don’t know if I could do it again. I was hoping you would see them because I value your opinion and skill.

      • Apparently I had missed out on a lot during my break from WordPress. I was very happy to see that you finally posted it! When you wrote it, did you have a plan in mind, or was it just a matter of writing thoughts on paper?

        I still have yet to finish the project. I’m trying to let the ideas “come to me,” rather than rush through with it. I’m almost done, but I’m learning that there’s really no deadline to these things, and my last chapters will be finished when they’re finished.

        Hope you are well.

      • When I wrote it there was no plan, no notes, no thought of even writing a poem. Writing a poem had never even occurred to me. This may sound odd to you but I got up with the immediate desire to go to my computer, I opened up Word and out it came, 2 parts in about 1-2 hours. I did not force it in anyway, just sat and waited for the next. I decided to not go over it and try to correct it because I wouldn’t even know how to do that, not knowing how poems work. It sounds exactly like me but it came up right from some other place I have never touched before or since. I do try to open up my creatively in some way on my google+ site (come visit) but nothing like this. I do want to write more poems but I don’t want to force it, but then I don’t generally force any of the writing I do, I go so much on instinct (as I have led my life)

      • Instinct-based writing sounds like a good plan. You feel better when you write as the thoughts come, rather than following a prompt. I guess because you feel the urge to write? I did not know you had a Google+. I shall visit. 🙂

      • yes, I am experimenting with my google+ actually and the top picture changes all the time so you don’t miss it. I deal with serious and silly, more aspects of me.

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