25 comments on “A Moment in Time – What took decades to face

  1. I guess every 1 in 10 person faces physical or mental abuse everyday but how many do we hear speaking about it. As u rightly said, many reasons behind it but I feel as much it is a crime to abuse someone, the same it is to bear it quietly. By doing so we encourage the other person to continue doing so. So please Speak Up, I agree with you.

    • I can lead the older crowd and you the younger crowd. I don’t want to see the young woman face pain like this alone and as long as some of us women from older generations did. We know now – we can and we will. We tell our stories and we come-together strong. I so admire people with the courage to speak Up. And you my dear do what you can, I know you will. You are strong

      • Yes, I know quite well how much courage it takes to speak up but it is worth it in the end. I try to do as much I can.

      • You haven’t said too much about your experiences buy I think I am getting a picture of you whereby in life you are fairly quiet and conservative but you have a lot going on inside. You feel stuff very deeply and when you see wrong you try to help and put things right. That’s they way you seem to me. It does take a lot to speak up and at the end of the day I am sure I can never do that again. but do, because its the right thing to do. You know Anuja trying balancing your life and don’t try to do more than you comfortably can. Remember balance! I am just going to bed very tired and home this makes sense. 🙂

      • You are right about few things. Actually earlier I was mentioning to the time I had speak up and stand against my boss. I had shared that in one my blogs,
        It took a lot of courage keeping my career at stake but I realized eventually that if you’re speaking for the right, no harm can come to you.
        Well, thank you for your advice. I will try working on that.

      • I read my post again to you and I can see my mistakes, my learning disability really kicks in when I am stressed or tired.
        Anuja I do remember the courage you spoke of about standing up against your boss. Anuja that takes so much courage and is very difficult. I think even more difficult when you are younger: you have more at stake. That makes you very special my dear girl. I am glad you told us about this experience and what I was merely trying to say is – I think you are a little like me, we stand up for something and then we maybe (close down, hide not sure the right words) because we are sensitive. Our sensitivity could prevent us from speaking up but we do it anyway because we know its the right thing to do. I really think that is true courage.

      • I agree with you and I’m glad you said what you felt. You are elder than me and much more experienced & I believe you will give me good advice. I have missed such discussions with my dad for past 1 & 1/2 years. I’m glad to hear it from you and I’m all ears. Thank you 🙂

      • Anuja I am happy to give advice but I am just as happy to get it from you because I respect the wisdom you have attained in your young life. You know stuff I don’t.

  2. This post hits home. There are more use their power and position to take advantage than help the one that is helpless now day. I know someone who had cancer she up in age and the supervisor got all kind of trumpt up charges to fire her. This poor soul now has no medical benefits not able to retire ect. All because of power! Thank for sharing.

  3. I am so fortunate my Mom n Dad gave me the strength and confidence to not only have a strong voice for myself but to be strong for others. It’s ok to be afraid but it is not ok to stay silent.

    • Great, keep talking. It took me a life to time to really come out and say what I had to say. I always wanted to be ‘nice’ and polite. But that is not always to be position one ought to take.

      • My Mom could tell u to f off in such a wonderful way people left smiling lol. An art I have not mastered heehee. Hugs Louise xo

      • Don’t get me wrong trying to be nice was only one side. Most people will tell you I am pretty good at telling people to f…off if the need it there. 🙂 You are a sweet hear 🙂

      • Hi again, if you have google+ check me out. Right now I have a post you may be interested in see. Right now I am deleting the top two 2/3 times a day. That seems to be bringing me more followers. Anyway, it was the point I wanted to point out to you. 🙂

      • Hey Louise! I added you to friends. I had no idea about your life but I am extremely impressed at your strength and resilience! I don’t think I would have been as strong. Deleting the top 2? I have 450 followers. That’s about 440 more than I ever expected so I’m happy with that lol. Hugs to u xo

      • In reality the numbers are not what motives me at all; its the telling of my story. Getting remarks, likes and follows are affirmations. Which is nice but I would write anyway about this stuff. I try to keep the google+ site as the “other me”. I am more than my hurt. Anyway nice to see you check it out now and then. Gives you a more complete picture, I think.

      • You are a tower of strength and determination in the face of incredible adversity. I’m rarely impressed but you have imoressed me. 🙂 Be well

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