9 comments on “Gossip Hurts

  1. Though I never liked gossip but I never realized the damage it could do. For me it was more of an intrusion to someone’s privacy but after reading your blog I can say it does harm.

    • Well it most certainly is an intrusion into privacy but you are right in observing it is/can be a lot more serious than than.
      Hope Anuja you are doing ok. If you are not you can tell us about it at you readiness.

  2. I have been a victim of gossip, they did not take my integrety away. After a while I used such actions to my advantage. Give them something else to focus about.

  3. Great posts Louise! I am glad to see you are still at it, and blogging daily as well. I hope the Houston clan isn’t sapping your will to be happy or your ability to enjoy your life. I am sorry for the trials some of us get to endure. It’s not as though we need practice being decent. I also agree with you about gossip. I am not a talker of shit, at least about other people. I will catch up with you soon.

  4. Very true. I don’t willfully gossip though I’ve never met a person utterly devoid of the penchant. Like complete honesty, the world would be better, but stranger and harder if we all were to stop. But I’d be willing to take that chance.

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