7 comments on “My many dimensions

  1. the Google link didn’t work for me but I’m at work and the IT have all these firewalls setup. they must be afraid the Taliban or something will find out where I work and email me infidel jokes.

    • It worked for me, so those nasty sharks have been messing with your computer and you do have to worry about the taliban. Incidentally Jim how long have you been blogging.

      • oh lord, I started out on Yahoo 360 years ago and then went to Multiply and was on there for several years before it closed.

      • So you are what we call ‘experienced’. That’s how you always know how to say the right thing. You deserve that new SUV – that’s you price for being so good. Those who are inexperienced like me has a long way to go.

      • I like you Jim you seem so laid back and easy going – and cheeky – I am curious tho, how long have you had this wp blog? And you are experienced at gardening. I envy your garden. I miss not having one this year for I love it.

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