9 comments on “The bullies and the boogeymen

    • You wouldn’t say that if you saw me 🙂 but thank you. I understand your intimidation, I too feel it from many but I will continue to be “an army of one” if I have to be. We have to stand up even when we think we can’t. You have a sister in your pain and fear, take each minute at a time and trust you will have what you need when you need it.

  1. Being bullied is no fun. I was bullied for most of my younger years and it wasn’t very fun back then. I remember having my lunch stomped on at the bus stop by another student. I look back now and actually appreciate it because I’m a much stronger person for it. I now advocate and stick up for those who have been bullied. Thank you for sharing this!!

    • Thank you for sharing that. I always hope this is the way it works. When we overcome stuff hopefully we will pass on the strength and some kind words.

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