14 comments on “Self-appointed death

  1. My Father ended his life by carbon monoxide , he gassed himself, my sister is very bitterly angry with him because of that, I however am not angry, I completely understand why he did it, because I too tried to end my own life 20 odd years ago, and I very nearly succeeded, I had my reasons at the time, I still struggle with severe depression, I have all my life, I manage through medication and therapy, and despite suffering a great loss just a few months ago, I have no desire to end my life, but that is me, I would never condemn anyone who ends their life, they have their reasons, they have their limits. I do believe it is everyone’s right to choose whether they live or die on their own terms.

  2. I have a battle with this every time the subject comes up in a conversation. “It’s a sin for one to take their own life”. I really dislike this judgement. I believe in God, but I also believe that if one does attempt to, or is successful in taking their own life, the person wants the pain they are going through to end, and probably feels this is the only way. This is not an excuse for others to judge.

    • Thank you for your comment. I know this is a difficult subject for many particularly those with religious beliefs but I just think we need to talk about it. You have done that and I respect you for saying something, thanks

  3. I’ve had elderly people in my family who have decided to deny themselves food and water and medical intervention. I wouldn’t call this suicide. In all cases they had lived a full life and their bodies had outlived their will to live. It is the young people who are facing temporary problems that make that decision that is troublesome.

  4. This is brave, honest, real, sad and somehow not sad because you, her daughter, lives, understanding and so grown into wisdom. That alone.. You, made her life multifaceted even after she passed. Having just read a book by Poet Anne Sexton’s daughter, Linda, on her mom’s life and suicide, I’m reading this with richer understanding. My cousin and grandfather committed suicidal de. Linda Sexton says suicide may be hereditary. I don’t know, but like you, I don’t see taking your own life as simply selfish. It is our right. It hurts those who love us. It is part of life.

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