12 comments on “Who am I…….?

  1. I see we share much of the same values, I too was made to write right handed, but I am left handed for everything else, and I am a Gemini , usually really laid back and calm , and I am not good with time lol, I am used to the slow paced country life and that often infuriates folks lol , anyway, thank you for writing this post, I enjoy getting to know people and making friends 🙂

    • Some say I am in fact a Gemini, but I think I am a Taurus – born on the cusp. I am by nature laid back and calm but circumstances have required a more fiery disposition. Well I don’t live with you but your slow pace comes through your writing and I like it. It gives me peace. It is somehow reassuring to have that calm person there. Thanks 🙂

  2. I completely agree to what you said” I am a Taurus; no I am not stubborn, and yes I have the courage of my convictions” as I’m a Taurus too-born on the cusp & I feel the same

    • 🙂 I would never wear them if I didn’t have to.
      I have a question for you on another front.
      You mentioned in one of your blogs about not being afraid of changing your blog style. Well as you may remember I did make some some changes and will continue to as I see fit. But my question is – are we not taking the chance of loosing some followers if they don’t recognize your site. I also change my pictures and perhaps that is the same issue.

      • I know for sure some people don’t like that they even don’t want you to change your avi.
        These people are not worthy to worry about you will lose them eventually, positive change is good regardless where it is applied so as long as your intentions are good then go for it.

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