6 comments on “I want to tell you about the “silver lining”

  1. Hi Louise, how goes the battle? Any improvements, or maybe the Houston’s decided they were wrong to be the way they’ve been? I will keep trying to get folks to notice the plight you have, and are still going through.

    • Hi Rusty: I think they are more than likely weighing their options. The week-end is here maybe they will sit on it for awhile. I don’t suppose they like so many people watching.
      Rusty dear man your are a gift. I believe in “passing in on”, the kindness I mean. I hope we can all learn from that.

      • All this life is about is the love you make, and the knowledge you gain. Everything else is just fluff. I believe people should respect each other, no matter their views or preferences. Life is too short to hate, and hurt.

    • Yes, thank you. I will look into that over the next couple of days. It is time for me to clean my place and shop for food; neglected all that over the last couple of weeks. You know just when I think I am getting this down I realize I am not 🙂

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