5 comments on “Going quietly, carefully and delicately – up to now!

  1. I feel for you,more than you can imagine.I too have am experiencing the idiocy of the law.My nemesis has money and power.They also have no sham,e to purger themselves in court.The police are no help,indeed they are worse then useless.Now I am a prisioner in my home as whenever they see me outside they come up with some allegation ,backed up by their girlfriend.I have lost all hope,lucky for me my youngest is off to college and finally I will be free to no longer live like this.
    The cruelty,the open nastiness and destruction of my life has been watched by the law,by the councul.They openly agreed what is happening to me is wrong but shrugging their shoulders told me it is the law,nothing they can do.
    I am tired ,broke,sold everything I have finished raising my children.

    All my dreams are ashes,I will never have my own little home,never be free from fear and intimidation,unable to move away but one thing is open to me it only takes courage.

    I will keep posting as long as I can and I dearly hope you will have the strength to fight and win over those that should be held accountable.
    best wishes

    • I can’t tell you how touched I am by you and your openness to me. Please keep my abreast of how you are and what you are up to. I know
      far too well the impulse to hide. I know how the dreams have faded. But we will overcome. I will look forward to speaking with you again.

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