9 comments on “A personal goal

  1. Hi Louise,
    These family situations can be very devastating. Sometimes you just have to let go and move on before it distroys you.

    • Sometimes walking away is the right thing to do; I do it all the time. Sometime you have to stand up and be counted and SPEAK UP for what you believe is right. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic ‘ some things are worth dying for ‘ Thanks for your input.

  2. I’ve often been told that there are situations where it’s completely valid to feel the extent of rage that you feel. How you express it, though, can either have you respected or rebuked. I’m not really a fan of bottling things in, so how you go about expressing the anger and frustration is key for many people.

      • Ah, thank you! I’m learning from your blog. I myself was caught up in a legal sort of situation, although it’s quite different. It’s left me angry and distrustful, and your blog just shows me that these kinds of things aren’t stories people make up for attention, and that yes, people can be that terrible.

      • You know its so hard to not get angry with stuff like this. I am, and of course I am speaking up about it. But as cliche as this is, there really are great people out there. People with ethics. I am thinking that we need to show people up for what they are. If they are going to play dirty there is always the choice to walk away but sometime we do have to take it on, otherwise they will keep on doing it.

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