28 comments on “The Doctor-The Power of Attorney-The Harm Done

  1. I too am disheartened to hear what you and you mother have gone through. It is sad how calculating and uncaring children these days can be. I am sorry for the disrespect they have shown, and the typical greed, young professionals seem to posses today. I am sorry your mother spent those years of her life nurturing and caring for such evil people. I have been a step parent, and know how children, born to another parent, have no respect for the time, love devotion, caring, and patience your mother had to give, only to be stabbed in the back. My prayers are with you and your mom. Put up a truly brave and strong fight. Lies and deceit must not be allowed to prevail.

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    This is the worst of my profession – unethical lawyers who refuse to rein in their clients. I wish the blogger’s mother well. And I hope she has a skilled lawyer who will take care of her.

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    Louise Fowler, is the daughter of an 89 year old woman who lost her husband to cancer in 2009. Her siblings have committed the grossest of atrocities. They have lied, cheated and hurt, not only their mother, but their sister, all in an attempt to steal their inheritance. The ” Houston Clan ” are a group of rich, young, well bred and educated spoiled snobs. Without regard for the wishes of their parents have taken the home of Angela Houston, as waiting for her to die, might be more time consuming than that would like. Please read these next few posts and pass this along. It is true money will buy you nearly everything you want, and if that takes too long, those in seats of power will just take what they want. Re-blog this to the world, and help create some justice for those that have no way to fight .

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    I truly hope that you are able to fight and win. If you have no funds (I’m sure they will pull every evil stunt) you might think of raising some. I forgot what they are called but I’m sure many of your followers and kind hearted people will be more then willingly to help you and your family.

  5. I hope a legal battle doesn’t happen, but if it does, have you thought of crowdfunding? on such sites as kickstarter, or gofundme? and there are many other sites for crowdfunding, put your plight up on one of those sites and raise the money for a good lawyer and nail those greedy so and so’s to the proverbial cross.

    best of luck, no one deserves to go through this

    • Noted. Great advise, thanks muchly. I hope it doesn’t happen also but it doesn’t change things for me. I have to SPEAK UP, for me it is the only right and decent thing for me to do for my mother, her husband and me.

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