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    Louise Fowlers speaking against her, and her mother’s, defamation in a court battle over inheritance. They used a history of abuse as a weapon against its victims, and Louise is not a victim now. Thank you for speaking up and Just Gushing Louise!
    ‘I, Louise Fowler, will take my power back and speak up against those who wish to discredit, abuse, and silence those of us who don’t carry the trust of others given by job titles and financial means’

  2. I wish you the best with your struggle, and our empathy is with you. I have shared this post on Just Gushing – which is our site all about people speaking up, like your quote says – the truth hurts, but silence kills. We hope that by sharing these stories we can show others they aren’t alone, and, in the case of your own, also show the way the courts use previous abuse and mental illness against a defendant, even when irrelevant or made up, due to the stigma. This stigma can only be shook by speaking out x

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    How would you deal with a nasty family, who’s sole purpose was to grab a future inheritance? How would you feel towards people that plot and scheme for an asset, they were to receive. What is it, that makes the younger generation feel intitled.

    If something is yours, and you were to will it to others, would you expect them to wait for your demise, before they snatched it up? If you spent years taking care of someone, wouldn’t you expect at the least, respect? Respect for your wishes, if not love for your time, devotion, and hard work, giving them the life they now have?

    Suppose this was your family, your children? The younger generations have been given broad boundries, if this is a common way for them to act. No one should feel intitled, to have what they have not earned. Many might be given an inheritance, only for loving those that raised them. To try to take that future inheritance, while it is not yet in your grasp is wrong.

    To hire shyster lawyers, to do your dirty work is wrong. If this were happening to you, how would you react? If you spent your life working, and paying, to provide for your family, and someone decided they wanted to take all of that away from you, how would youdeal with that? What if it were your children, doing these things? I am sure you would be searching your soul, looking for the reason your children turned out this way.

    That seems to be how those born of a privileged life seem to act. The attitude they are intitled, you owe them, they are your children , and you owe them. Privilege doesn’t seem to understand, no one owes them anything. Privilege breeds egocentric bastards and bitches.

    If my own children pulled a stunt such as this, I would probably disown them. If I thought I could get away with it, I would hire a hitman, but, they are not to be trusted either.

  4. the Sad fact is that in Canada you are NOT innocent until proven guilty, here it is you are GUILTY until YOU can prove you are innocent, that is how the laws and courts have always worked in Canada.

    I am saddened that this has happened to you, it never should have, some people are so cold it is frightening, thank you for sharing your story, I hope it reaches out and helps other good folks who are dealing with a similar fate within the court system.

  5. Those words are so powerful,if there is ever anything however small,big or strange I can do for you please let me know.

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